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The Change Ringing Webring links together websites containing information about, or relating to, the art and science of Change Ringing on tower or hand bells. To add your site to the ring, please follow the instructions below.

What is a WebRing?

A WebRing is a mechanism for linking together a collection of web sites, so that visitors can go from one to another. The linkage is held centrally, so that individual site owners do not have to manage separate copies of the list of links - that is done on a server, and managed by the "RingMaster". A "navigation bar" appears on the Welcome page of participating sites, and visitors can use it to move to the "next", "previous", or a random site in the same Ring.

WebRings were developed during the early 1990s. The original WebRing organisation (there are imitators) was taken over by Yahoo! in late 2000, and separated from it in October 2001.

What is the Change Ringing WebRing for?

The Change Ringing WebRing gathers together a number of sites related to change ringing. There are tower pages, personal pages, collections of compositions, ...

How does it work?

Each site in a WebRing includes a "nagivation bar" in its Welcome page (the page that the WebRing knows about and refers callers to). There are two styles of navigation bar: the newer style, which you can see above, only works with browsers that run Javascript; the older one, below, works with any browser (but is only supposed to be used in sites that joined before Yahoo! took over).

When you click on one of the links in the "navigation bar", your browser sends a request to the central WebRing server. The request includes a code identifying the Ring and site you're currently visiting, and a code for which link you clicked ("next", "random", etc). Using these, the server consults the list of sites belonging to that Ring, and decides which other site you should be sent to. It then returns a "redirect" message to your browser telling it the URL to go to. (This won't work if you have turned off "automatic redirection" - or whatever your browser calls it).

How do I get my site included?

Old-style navigation bar:

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The Change Ringing Webring was created in January 1999 by Andrew J Instone-Cowie. Since mid-December 2000 it has been maintained by Fred Bone.

Last updated 2002-03-26 by Fred Bone